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25 years experience of producing cutting edge solutions

Oxford Cryosystems providing Cooling technology and software in Oxford

Head office in Oxford

It is now 25 years since the first Cryostream Cooler was developed in a lab at Oxford University. That system, developed by John Cosier and Professor Mike Glazer, was intended to be solely used in the Clarendon laboratory. Word spread, however and before long, requests for the system were accumulating and Oxford Cryosystems, the company, was established.

The Cryostream itself has moved through different iterations and today can be ordered as an 800 Series, Cryostream Plus and Cryostream Compact. In an attempt to ensure we have a cooling solution for every application, we also offer our Cobra non-liquid system, the Desktop Cooler, and two lower temperature devices, the N-HeliX and PheniX.

Software has also been a traditional strength of the company, from the firmware used to control our Low temperature systems to specialist crystallographic software which is widely used by the community.

It has always been a priority to Oxford Cryosystems to remain firmly involved with the crystallography community and we believe this has been crucial to the success of the company. From our collaborations with respected University departments to our sponsorship of the Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize at the ACA, ECM and IUCr meetings, we strongly believe that only by working with the community, can we deliver the products they really need.

Today, the company also manufactures the Coolstar range of Gifford McMahon coolers. As such, we find ourselves branching out into new and exciting applications for these Cryocoolers such as High Temperature Superconductivity and Astrophysics, all of which add to and extend our involvement in the global scientific community.